Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a pretty good day at school today. That is always good. But I passed the permit test and I was sopossed to go get it this weekend with my dad but I had a camp out with my friend Tayshia and my sisters and her brothers. Omg that was so much fun! So I didn't get my permit. Tayshia's house was a ton of fun though! K, first we set up the tent, and then we started a fire and roasted marshmellows and hot dogs on it. My sister Sarah and Tayshia's brother Chance (they like eachother just f.y.i) got in a marshmellow fight. Then, after all that we started making up a dance to Low, but Sarah and Chance were too busy flirting so we just kinda stopped cuz me and Tayshia got off talking about the boys in our ballroom class. So after that we started telling scary stories. Then, we played night games and that was a ton of fun but we had to stop cuz we were being too loud.
So that was Friday-Saturday. Saturday, me and Kristin went to Joelle's house and played with her new kitten. While Joelle was taking a nap we were watching TV playing with the kitty. That cat never stops messing around we could not get that thing to sit down! But after a while we finally tired the kitty out so she fell asleep inbetween two big pillows and all you could see poking out is the kitty's ears! Lol it was so cute! I also got two new songs on my iPod, Closer and American Boy. Then on Saturday night we rented cool runnings (awesome movie!!) and watched it again on Sunday. Sunday sucked, but other then that you could say I had a pretty fun weekend.


Joyce said...

that sounds like fun! you lucky ducky... :P