Tuesday, September 9, 2008


K, I got some pretty bad-a shoes today! Omg they are so cute! I love them! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow and omg! Yay! Yea, sorry I love my shoes right now if you couldn't already tell. I saw these really cute pair of shoes that I wanted too but I really needed shoes I could wear in the winter. *sigh* Oh well they are still WAY cute!

I am so excited to turn 16 though guys! I have a little ways to go...... but still! I want to turn 16 and then 17 and then 18 baby! lol!

Whoa... this post is really random but ya know, I am a random person. I have nothing really else to say so I will just shut up now and let you guys get on with your life.

The End.


Brooke! said...

You should put a picture of your new shoes on there, I want to see the amazing shoes!

Kris said...

hey i want you to write about pepsi like you said!