Thursday, August 21, 2008


School today was crappy. I think it is just b-days or something. English was the only good part of my day. Just cuz I wrote a poem and everyone liked it.... and I was in a better mood during that period for some reason. But for the most part... I am already sick of school. I am not sure if I am gonna go to the dance or not but I might. Cuz I really need to have some fun. I am not sure of what I think of the boys there at MV yet. They are cuter then Jr. High boys that is for sure. I really hope my brother and his girlfriend are doing okay though. They got into this really big fight this weekend and omg... that was horrible! So I really hope they still love each other cuz they are my heroes and I am gonna be so upset if they brake up again. It'll be worse for me this time if they do though because now I am really good friends with Joelle now. *sigh* And my parents are fighting but they are doing something again tonight... UGH! I am just really confused. I really don't think things are gonna work with my mom and dad. They are just too different. I really hope they would just stop talking to each other again. I know that sounds weird cuz most kids want their parents back together but I really don't. My dad is just different now and I really don't like it. Not as bad as he was a few months ago though I don't think. Well lets just hope things go better for me so far.


Joyce said...

awww... be happy jenna!