Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Wow I am really tired right now. I need to do something to wake me up cuz I really don't want to go take a nap. I need to start skateboarding again before it gets to be too cold to do that anymore. :( That makes me so sad! I don't want it to get cold! I love the warm weather. I really need to get out of this stupid house though. Friday I am haveing a sleepover with Tayshia and Ashley. That'd be so much fun! I love those girls! My mom makes me so mad though. Ugh don't even get me started on my mom.
Ya know I am probablly just gonna go take a nap. I am like falling a sleep on the computer right now. *sigh* I wish I had something else exciting to write but I really don't.

Bienos Diaz... Reptile.


Joyce said...

lol, i hope you had fun at your sleepover!

Kris said...

Bienos Diaz... Reptile

Kris said...


Shannon said...

haha lol uh um howza uh yippie um im done good night zzzzzzzzzzz

ashley wilkins said...

oh that was a fun fun
night.! hehe :D I loved
it alot.!