Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bryce Canyon

K, so me, Joyce, her mom and her friend all went up to Bryce Canyon to camp over night. I was quit an adventure when we were setting up our tents. Me and Joyce got ours set up in like 5 minutes but Joyce's mom and her friend could not figure out how to set up theirs. They were so afraid there tent would fall down during the night.
But anyway, after we got all set up we went on a huge hike down the canyon. The thing I hated about bryce is there was so many people there. So once we were hiking Joyce found her rock she sat on when she was younger so we had to stop and take a picture. (of course)

There's Joyce! She looks so cute!

lol There is me and Joyce on the rock but that one is kinda blurry sorry!

Just so you guys know I was hanging on for dear life.

Here is some pics we saw there.

K I quit this thing is retarded.


Kris said...

haha u hate dealing with things