Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I went and saw Kung Fu Panda this weekend with Brandon, Joelle, her nephew Javari!!!! and Joelle's sister Julie. I wasn't even planning on going. I was just talking to Joelle when she was in her car and she was telling me about going to Kung Fu Panda and then I went inside and Brandon comes in and asked me if I wanted to go with them. Javari is the cutes little kid ever! He is soooo funny!!!!!! Joelle and her sister are really funny together. Yea.. so when we got to the movie theater in Payson we got on this subject of the song When I Grow Up and how everyone thinks she says something at this one part of the song but she really says something else. Lol, you would have to listen to the song before you get it. So, yea then we went and saw Kung Fu Panda and Joelle bought me a orange slurpee with some candy and stuff. Javari got up and started running around the movie theater. You guys have to meet him he is so cute! So that was my exciting weekend with Brandon and Joelle.


Joyce said...

aww... i wanna see it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, haha. :) Kung Fu Panda is a pretty cute movie! And little kids are always adorable. Tehhe. ^^ And lmao, everybody here too is getting the When I Grow Up lyrics mixed up too. Lol. Hit me back if you want!